The best I’ve had so far is at an all inclusive dude ranch in Colorado. Just riding horses and enjoy the cool summer (It snowed in July, I’ll never get over that.)It’s the Vacation we still always talk about. But other than that is there anything else, equally fun and that will create wonderful memories?

in 15 years time it will be the moon… i’d say it didn’t have any atmosphere… try blackpool england u.k.

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7 Comments on What is the best Vacation for under 5,000 bucks?

  1. gaz1 says:

    in 15 years time it will be the moon… i’d say it didn’t have any atmosphere… try blackpool england u.k.
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  2. mrknowledgeablevi says:

    Go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida or a one weeks vacation to New York City or Chicago, Illinois.
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  3. hombre_riendo says:

    go to Chile. the winter is about to begin and when that happens you will have the advantage of enjoying the snow and when close to tierra del fuego you will be able to enjoy the earth’s warmest place. Do your research first.
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    my friends.

  4. paul n says:

    Go where your money goes so very far. Air fair is a bit steep, but check out Vietnam. The North of the country is very beautiful. It’s safe. It’s easy to get around. You can get a nice room in Hanoi for $12 to $18 a night, For that kind of money you could go far at least a month
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  5. SavingMo says:

    Check out Branson, MO! There are lots of Attractions, and Shows in Branson, so entertainment will be a piece of cake! You can book everything together, and save up to 50% if you book together by using Saving Mo’. My parents just went to Branson for Memorial day weekend, and stayed for 4 nights with a Jacuzzi no less, and saw the Elvis Explosion each night for almost nothing!
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  6. 1musicnut says:

    You can go to Italy or Paris for under $5,000 if you;re careful and there are just two of you.
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  7. guide says:

    Try Goa on the west coast of India
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